Monday, November 7

The Third Flat Tire

In a kidding.

October 13 I was hauling Bean to Lindtopia and we picked up some glass near NREL. We were down for about 25 minutes changing the rear tire on the Cannonball. It was a pain.

And as I bloggedly told you a few days ago I picked up an earring in my MTB tire on the Ralston Creek Trail. I made it home without having to change a tube by stopping repeatedly to put air in it.

This afternoon I was racing home because Mandy had parent-teacher conferences so I needed to meet her to take the kids. I was blazing out of Applewood and as I took a hard fast turn I hit a small rock in the street with my rear tire. Almost immediately I felt the tire going soft. Arg!

I kept going, crossing 32nd, heading onto the I-70 frontage road...I was going to try to make it home without having to stop and deal with changing a tube. Again, it was the rear wheel on the Xtracycle.

No such luck this time. I made it almost to Tabor after stopping once to put more air in the tube. Thankfully the tire wasn't damaged. It wasn't the rock I hit that caused the flat, but a heinous and sinister GOATHEAD!

I love the Xtracycle. I just wish if I were going to get flats I wouldn't always get them on the REAR TIRE!!!

Klean Kanteen update: After my previous post I got an email from Klean Kanteen asking if I would like a replacement insulated KK. I explained the situation in a bit more detail and they said the insulated bottle should be performing better. I'm very happy with both of my bottles and didn't think it was a huge deal that the insulated bottle was losing a little heat over time, but they seem to think it should be doing better than I described.

Kudos to KK for reaching out. I didn't expect that at all, and I think they have a great product no matter what. Will follow with an update soon.

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  1. Darn goatheads! Just when we think we're out of "that" season, they get you anyway. I hope you made it home on time despite the hiccup, and am also pleased to hear that KK was so on top of things to reach out so quickly with a replacement. Sounds like a good business to me.