Friday, November 11

These Go to Eleven

Of course everyone has been quoting classic rock guitarist Nigel Tufnel today because it is 11-11-11.

It was an 11 day for sure!

But before I get going on today's festivities, let me affirm yesterday as RAMMING SPEED THURRRRSDAY!!! Blasted home in anticipation of a three day weekend, and knocked out an 18+ mph average.

This morning I met and cranked with the younger, scruffier brother of the star of the 1985 movie American Flyers: Morgul Bismarck. The Dirty Bismarck is a 14 mile loop trail inside the road loop that was part of the 1980s Coors Classic bike race. The Morgul is bounded by 120th Ave on the south, highway 93 on the west, Marshall Drive to the north and the town of Superior (McCaslin Boulevard) to the east. The Dirty Bismarck trail is mostly within Boulder County Open Space and ranges from cobble-filled single track, to smooth single track to crusherfine single and double track to dirt and gravel roads.

The Dirty Bismarck is not the name of the trail, but the name of a series of trails that form the loop. The actual trails are the Greenbelt Plateau, the Community Ditch, the Cowdrey Draw, Singletree, Meadowlark, Coalton, and High Plains.

At 8:25am the winds out of Eldorado Canyon were cool and stout. The sun was blazing coolly from the southeast, so I opted to ride clockwise from the trailhead at the junciton of hwy 93 and 120th. Much of the open space is open range as well. So a lot of the trail has been trodden by cattle. It made for some rough riding. It was good sensory therapy. Not so good dental therapy.

Western terminus of the Cowdrey Draw Trail

Smoother surfaces further east

A lot of the trail is better surfaces though. The Superior side has a lot of smooth non-open range crusherfine trails and you can flat out fly! But then once you drop all the way down to McCaslin you have to gain all of that elevation back returning to the trailhead. Initially I had planned on doing a couple of laps around the loop, along with a smaller loop on the west side of highway 93, but when I returned to the TH at 10am I decided just the smaller loop would be enough. I pulled of fan 8.8 mph average on the Dirty Bismark, but on the shorter 8.25 mile loop I slowed to a 7.1 mph average.

I passed on through the TH, crossed highway 93 and onto the Flatirons Vista Trail. I followed it to the Doudy Draw Trail and bombed down to the Community Ditch Trail. I revisited the section where Boone had a flat on a family ride and not one single mountain biker would stop to help us. This morning's passing was much more enjoyable.

It was a fun ride. I pulled off 22.25 miles in just under 3 hours. The Dirty Bismarck is going to be a good training ground for the LV 100.

I love this!

Starting down the Doudy Draw Trail

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  1. It is! I don't know if it was in good condition while you were in, but we should have checked it out. It's only about 10 miles from home. It was probably muddy just like Bear Creek Lake. Next time you're in we'll go do it.