Friday, December 23

Black Hawk Bicycle Ban Update: Dec 2011

You remember the Black Hawk bicycle ban?

The gambling town (if you can call it that) in the Front Range foothills west of Denver banned bikes from town roads in 2010.

The Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of three cyclists who were ticketed in June of 2010 for riding their bikes on city streets in Black Hawk. After a Black Hawk judge affirmed the ban and the Gilpin district court ruled against the three cyclists they appealed to the state supreme court. The state's highest court has decided to hear the case, though no court date has yet been determined.

The city cites safety as the primary impetus for banning bikes within Black Hawk, claiming that the streets are narrow and were designed for horse and buggy traffic, not for bicycles. Of course considering the narrow and twisting nature of the streets it seems as if bikes would be a more appropriate form of transportation within the city than the unending flow of motor coaches which shuttle would-be gamblers into town from the plains.

Bikes are also banned in Clear Creek Canyon, which is the major connector between Golden and Black Hawk, due to numerous narrow tunnels. However, hoards of private motor coaches are still allowed to travel the narrow, twisting roadway despite their insane propensity to exceed the speed limit and take both lanes.

The supreme irony is that after only one year Gov. John Hickenlooper has decreed the week of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge as a "Colorado Cycling Holiday."

Can these two things both happen in the same universe without bringing on the apocalypse?

Probably not.

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