Friday, December 16

Busic Mlogging

Yah, a lot of people blog about the music they're listening to on Fridays. It's not something I've ever done, and not something I plan on making a habit of doing, but I thought I'd share.

Lately (the past four hundred years) I've been listening to bluegrass and folk almost exclusively, except when my wife expresses an interest in some rock or pop song or group, or turns off my music in protest. Occasionally I wax nostalgic and listen to a Metallica song or two, or revert back to some punk/ska from the days when I was living a car lite lifestyle as a rock climbing guide.

Recently our son discovered the Beatles. He did a school musical which was all Beatles songs. That led to us trying to find our Beatles CDs and a Netflix screening of A Hard Day's Night.

In the process of flipping through stacks of CDs I was taken back in time a bit, and also rediscovered a lot of music I used to listen to. Most of it came from that climbing era, about '98 through 2002 or so, and I decided it was time to put those bands back into rotation. So without too many frills here is the list of albums I've got spinning in my hard drive this morning:

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Chronicle Vol 1 (weren't expecting that huh?)
Face to Face - Live
Hagfish - ...Rocks Your Lame...
Homegrown – Act Your Age
The Ramones – NYC 1978

...and oddly: Nirvana – Nevermind

Of the Hagfish and Homegrown albums I only like five songs total, but the Face to Face album is one I can put in and listen to straight through. Kinda the same thing with the Ramones, except I tend to use them more as background noise. And of course, Nevermind was one of those albums that was filled with, in the words of Cliff Poncier, the anthems of my youth. I graduated in 1992, so I'm a little Grungey on the inside.

Monday I may go back to strains of the Steep Mountain Rangers, The Tillers, Tim Dennison & the Creepers and more twangy stuff. But for today I am blasting some electrified tunes through the cubicle at my fellow, coworkers.

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