Thursday, December 22

Complaining About Abstract Consequences

I drove today.

My family is off school all week. My employer did not call a snow day today. I was not going to ride my bike in a foot of snow in the dark even as more snow was falling.

My employer should have called off work today, or at least delayed. All the other jurisdiction around us have either delayed or closed. There is three feet of new snow in Coal Creek Canyon this morning. The roads are horrible, some of the worst I've seen in four years here, especially considering that crews had about 14 hours to clear them before I had to head out to work this morning.

And what would have been the real consequences of closing for snow today? There were no real consequences, only abstract consequences. But let's go ahead and put life and property in danger just so we can say we did. Those are the real consequences...risking injury and/or damage to our SOVs when the alternative would be an empty office. That's all.

If I had no other choice but to ride, I would not have ventured out this morning. Was I any safer in my car? Not really.

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