Sunday, December 18

Dreaming of a White Christmas

The forecast for tomorrow morning is for a couple of inches of snow and colder temps. How much colder? Well, the high will be about where the lows were last week: 29F.

I can ride The One (MTB) tomorrow because I already have everything I need at work. I guess I could manage on the non-cargo bike all week. Oh, and then I'll have access to the car all week too.

I've got to give the CBX a good going over sometime soon. On my ride home Friday I think I picked up something off the trail that got between my rear disc and the pads. As I was cranking up a short steep hill I heard an awful noise. So I pulled over and tried to figure out what was going on. But without taking the P-racks off I couldn't really get in to see what had happened. I did narrow the sound down to the caliper area.

As I pedaled tentatively toward home the noise eventually went away, but I fear that I'm going to need to put my spare pads on. It wasn't a happy noise. And one of the joys of riding an Xtracycle is not having easy access to the rear wheel. Seems like its always the rear tire that gets flats, the rear brakes that give me fits and the rear derailer that needs tweaking.

Oh, my rear derailer needs some tweaking too. But, I have it on good authority that I will be getting a new H-bar and shifters for Christmas (I picked them up from the bike shop yesterday) so that will be taken care of with the upgrade.

I'm pretty excited about the new setup. Of course I'll be posting pictures post-xmas.

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