Thursday, December 1

It's All Training: Adverse Weather Edition

30 degrees. Blowing wind. Couple of inches of snow. 12 miles of riding. 2 hours.

It didn't seem so bad. I walked a couple of sections. But the cold, the wind, the snow...nothing I couldn't deal with.

There is a danger of approaching Leadville like a summertime bike ride: sun, warm breezes, blue skies. And it's true, August in the mountains of Colorado can be pleasant. But just as likely there could be conditions not too far off from this morning's. I need to make sure not to take for granted that the weather will be much better than this for a 100 mile ride late next summer.

Unprepared, or prepared for the summertime pleasure ride, this morning's ride would have ended quickly for me.

I walked down this one

It's all about perspective. And being prepared. I was a Boy Scout after all...

I only crashed once today. I was on the inside of a curve and drifted off the path. Then my front wheel caught the edge of the concrete and I went down. No pain. I just got up, brushed off the snow and went on. Winter commuting season has officially begun.

This seems to apply today too:

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  1. That is one of the things I appreciate about the snow - as least while it's soft - it's a nice buffer when I fall. Glad you weren't wounded too badly, and hopefully it will be a nicer ride home. The wind and snow combo today really is not my favorite. It almost seems unfair to combine the two.