Monday, December 5

It's All Training: Who Moved the Arctic Circle Edition

Brrrghh! I'm still cold.

I cranked in. Slowly. Another two hour commute through frigid arctic air.

When I rolled past Steve Casey's he told me it was 4. Four. Quatro. Actually the digiboard displayed a red (warm?) "4F." "F" for "freezing!"

I don't think Leadville can throw anything worse at me. Well, maybe wind and rain...but still.

At 11am I was still cold. My hands still felt chilled. That never happens to me. But I'm hoping by the end of the week I can cross "Get frostbite" off my bucket list.

The ride home was long and cold and I walked in the door an hour and a half after I left work a Chriscicle. It took another hour to thaw this evening.

It'll be even colder in the morning...sub-zero.

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  1. It is FREAKING cold out today (and it looks like for several more days too). I admire your fortitude and wherewithal to commute in these temps, and I'm sure you were indeed a "Chriscicle." If it helps, I don't think you were alone. I was truly amazed to see several cyclists about town, all bundled, but looking okay with the two-wheeled ride in the snow and ice. Stay warm out there. Hopefully we'll get back to the 30s and 40s soon and not stay in these highs in the low teens. I know it doesn't help too much on early morning/evening commutes, but hopefully it will improve things a bit.