Monday, December 19

Just Another Monday


Turned on the TV this morning and at the bottom right side of the screen I saw "35ºF" and there was no snow on the ground.


So now the snow is to be moving in before 9am. It looks ominous from the south end of Golden looking north. The "forecast" is still for only a couple of inches.

I debated: Ute, or MTB? I only decided as I was ready to go out the door.

Because I haven't had the chance (motivation) to strip the CBX and figure out what the awful noise in the caliper was the other day, I didn't want to chance getting it out in snowy weather. I rode the Ute to town yesterday to do some very last minute shopping so it became a reminded option. But if there was going to be a few inches of snow I didn't want to take Mandy's Lisa into the fray. So it was down to The One.

I rode the MTB.


The commute home will be frosty, as the temperature is supposed to plummet and the snow is supposed to fall. Today is both the weekly office meeting and the end of the year quarterly meeting-slash-Christmas party-slash-white elephant gift exchange-slash-wrestling match for booze. Will there be a chance to salvage productivity before St. Nick pounds on the door early Sunday morning?


Can you tell I am joyfully immersed in the Xmas spirit? It is Monday after all. This is pretty good "Xmas spirit" for a Monday.

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