Thursday, December 15

Lazy @#$%!

Last night my wife met me at the door to congratulate me on 5,000 miles. She's awesome that way!

To celebrate 5,000 miles in 2011 I think I should have called in "sick" today. Alas, I did not. No, to "celebrate" I got on my bike in the dark (though it was draped with two strands of battery powered Xmas lights) and pedaled off down my street. I was cold. I was not motivated to ride. 5,000 must be my threshold.

Nah, I am just weary of this routine. Four years at one job is a (another) record for me. Weary of routine...and lazy. Yeah, I would have driven this morning if I'd had the option. Fortunately I did not.

It felt like I was dragging a concrete block behind the CBX all the way to Golden. It hurt my feelings every time I had to downshift. I probably need to check the air pressure in my rear tire. Squeeze test feels okay, but sometimes the fingers lie.

And then somewhere in the darkness I realized that next week I will have access to the car. My family will be off school. And then the demons started gnawing on my brain. Do I ride (in the car)? Do I drive (my bike)?

I'll leave that decision for next week. The weather Sunday looks downright tropical at 50F (but with an impossible seeming low of 17F) so I may want to ride and enjoy the weather and a less restrictive wardrobe. But then again, I may feel more lazy than I did today. If that happens then we will see just how strong my resolve is.


  1. I wouldn't necessarily call it laziness. Perhaps it was your body's way of telling you it needs to rest.

    I chose to drive one day this week. It was raining in the morning. I could have ridden just fine, as it was a gentle rain, but at 37 degrees it was also kind of a cold rain. Rather than get to work with everything wet, I chose the truck, although by the end of the day I needed to burn calories so badly that I jumped on the spin bike for an hour of hard work after supper.

  2. I've been trying to take opportunities to rest. I don't ride much on the weekends. I didn't ride for almost a week over Thanksgiving.

    It was a mental ailment this morning. Well, and that concrete block I was dragging.