Friday, December 9

Ramming Speed Friday: And We're Ba-ack!

Just last night I realized there had not been a bona-fide Ramming Speed Friday in a long time. Friday, November 4 was the last...

And so, in an effort to reintroduce an institution here on the Pavement's Edge, I felt it would be good to give you a little history on "Ramming Speed Friday."

I would have to say that the original idea came when I integrated a line from the character Stu, the 'bent rider, in Yehuda Moon during a conversation about biking. It didn't take long before my wife and I had included the phrase "ramming speed" as a permanent fixture in our conversations.

The original post (1/21/11) was simply entitled: Ramming Speed Friday and I did little to define the parameters which would qualify a given last commute of the week as a valid RSF. Since then I have determined that for a ride to qualify it must be executed at least a 17mph average for the entire ride. Therefore there are Ramming Speed Fridays and there non-ramming versions.

Since then there have been quite a few posts referencing Ramming Speed Friday. What follows is an exhaustive list.

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The criteria, to determine is a day is an official "Ramming Speed..." are:

1) The average speed must be over 17mph for the entire ride.
2) Typically the commute will be the afternoon or evening commute at the end of a work week.
3) There are no criteria, I made all of this up to take up space.

So today is Friday. Was today a valid RSF?

Alas, no. I only mustered 15mph. I was struggling to maintain that too. I did have to slow for a lot of patches of ice. But I felt sluggish too. Never fear, Dear Readers, I'll be back up to Ramming Speed very soon!

And at some point during the day we crossed the 11,000 pageviews threshhold. Keep 'em coming!

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