Friday, December 16

Ramming Speed Friday: Racing Toward Christmas

One more week kiddies!

I can't claim a valid RSF because I had to stop off and run an errand in Golden on the way home. Kinda kills the ol' average when you do that.

It was a Ramming Speed Friday of the spirit. I raced away from another week of stress related weight gain and internment in the corporatist system.

One of the building department guys told me earlier in the week that if he had his way he'd snip my cube's Xmas lights with wire cutters. I'm guessing in his eyes they're a fire hazard. And I would pay money to see him snip the wire with an uninsulated pair of wire cutters.

So tonight we head out for Mandy's work related Christmas party. The kids will be held against their will by some friends so perhaps we can get a little seasonal shopping in. Perhaps.

Otherwise there will be distinct pressure to wake up tomorrow morning and drag ourselves out to "bustle" with the rest of humanity. We're doing our best to avoid buying for the sake of buying, but there are a few little things. And of course I still lack great gift ideas for my wife and mother.

Nothing like a little performance anxiety when it comes to choosing gifts. What if I totally screw up? Cause you can't get out of that job next year by bombing it this year.

Oh well...soon it will all be over. Christmas will pass, and my family will enter the long dark winter of the birthday season. Ugh! At least we'll be 1,200 miles from most of the cake.

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