Thursday, December 22


In the Denver area today was significant for a few reasons.

First, it was the first full day of winter. Winter commuting season is THE season. If you commute through winter by bike here you are hardcore.

Second, today there was about a foot of snow on the ground all over the Front Range and the metro area. Some places, like Coal Creek Canyon and parts of Boulder County, had almost three feet of snow. In my estimation today was an unrideable day, but I have a feeling there were people who rode. For me, having a ten mile commute, I just could not rationalize getting out on two wheels. The roads I normally travel were not conducive to cycling. And with the snow coming down as steadily as it was, no amount of clearing would have made the paths easy going.

And third, today marked winter solstice. While winter will be settling in over the land and pummeling die-hard cyclists, the days will only be getting longer, lending more light by with to see the sheets of ice and snow drifts, and to melt the lingering snow.

I'll be driving again tomorrow. My opportunities to drive (ugh, did I just write that?) are so few that when they coincide with a major weather event I feel compelled to take advantage of them.

Oh, and there's only two more shopping days until Christmas...


  1. I had to run to the grocery store yesterday (I went by car b/c I am not "hardcore"), and I actually saw TWO people riding their bicycles. It made me feel like a wimp, but I'm still glad I opted for the car. :O) A foot of snow is a lot to get through, especially through neighborhoods that don't have their streets plowed. Hope your holiday season is a beautiful one!

  2. Yeah, I would have had to push the bike out of my neighborhood. But if I had I would have discovered that pushing the bike would have been the only way to keep going.

    It never fails that when I chicken out and drive that I always see someone riding their bike. I try to make myself feel better by rationalizing that they probably aren't riding ten miles. But I'm probably deluding myself too.

    Have a happy holiday yourself!