Wednesday, December 28

Stowaway Love

In the pre-dawn quiet I went to load my bike with the day's necessities and I discovered my son had tucked a drawing my handlebars. Then as I went to put my things into the FreeLoaders I found a folded drawing for/of me by my four year old daughter.

For a moment, ignore the obvious conundrum of Obi Wan and Luke fighting Darth Maul together, obviously from Luke's landspeeder, and bask in the awesomeness...

My four year old can write now

I love my kids...they are awesome!

So the CBX 4.1 rides awesomely! I felt a bit more sure-footed/wheeled with the knobby tires and the H-bar is great! The only slight issue I have is the final configuration of the shifters and brake levers. By putting them both on the bottom legs of the "H" there is little room left to comfortably rest my hands. I think I might move the shifters forward of the cross bar and leave the brake levers behind.

But...having the different hand positions is great. The bars let me sit up a little more than the drops did and the wider stance makes for more facile mounting and dismounting of the bike. I have a feeling that I will have more control riding with a loaded bike as well too.

I also noticed, and believe this to be a factor related to the wider bars, that now the long bike feels shorter. I don't have the distinct feeling of dragging a half mile of bike behind me. This is both good and bad. Good because, while the bike is still as stable as before, it rides more "naturally" but bad because I may forget my rear wheel still has to turn way back in the other county and that could be disastrous.

I can also rest my forearms across the cross bar and the forward "H" legs in a sort of impromptu aerobar position. Nice!

Having wider bars and knobby tires makes me feel like I'm riding the Hummer version of a bike. It makes me feel like I can crush anything under my wheels. Grrr!!!

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