Saturday, January 28

Cyclo-Mountaineer: Coal Creek Peak Adventure

My lovely wife told me I could do whatever I wanted to today. So I opted to abuse myself by riding The One up to Plainview Road and then hiking/scrambling to the summit of Coal Creek Peak.

I don't have it in me to give a full report, and I'll tell you why:

13.5 mile bike ride with 1,168' gain
1.75 miles to summit with 1,785' gain

15.25 total miles (one way) with 2,953' total gain

4 hours 5 minutes to summit
6 hours 30 minutes total

I'm beat.

But it was awesome!

There was a wicked headwind once I got up on Rocky Flats. I almost gave up.

Just below the rocky part of the southeast ridge I almost gave up.

Near the summit, above the last steep section I almost gave up.

Coal Creek Peak is 8,484' and a fine summit to bag via the southeast ridge.

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