Saturday, January 21

Eldo Kiddos


"Yes Boone?"

"Can we go climbing today?"

I. Love. My. Son.

Mandy had play practice at school and rode her Giant up to Westminster. So I took to kids to Eldo (Eldorado Canyon) and we climbed around on the Whale's Tale. We didn't have a lot of time, and got to the base of the formation after the sun had creeped out of the canyon.

Lily actually climbed 60 or 70 feet. She hiked up to the anchors and stopped. When she turned and looked around she...freaked...out. I mean, she's turning five on Monday, but she's just not used to being up so high on the side of a rock.

They both claim they had fun, and Boone wants to go back tomorrow, though the weather is supposed to be cooler. We may just go hiking somewhere tomorrow afternoon.

Of course Boone and I discussed the possibility of biking up to Eldo for a day of climbing later in the year. We're gonna do it man!

I also renewed our annual pass, so we're set to go to Elevenmile, Golden Gate Canyon, Eldo, etc, etc.

70 feet up the West Face of the Whale's Tale


  1. Wow, how blessed are you?? Not only the biking, but climbing and hiking with the children. Thanks!

  2. You're welcome! My wife and I actually used to be climbing guides before the kids came along. We haven't climbed much in the past five years, but I've been biding my time. We started taking them out about a year and a half ago and getting them used to it and now they seem to really enjoy it.

    1. My son lives in the Springs since May and has already hiked up the Peak. I can see the day when he takes our grandchildren on hiking expeditions. I wish we [my wife and I] could go with them.