Monday, January 2

Non-resolution Joinings

First off, I want to encourage any of you that have been Yehuda Moon fans in the past to pony up and join the Kickstand Club. I was a big Yehuda fan starting about a year ago, and I enjoyed the free comics online until Rick (Smith, the creator) announced he was going on an indefinite hiatus. I was saddened, and somewhat shamed as I thought that as much as I loved the comic, made reference to it and share it with those around me I never contributed financially.

Well, I got my second chance. Beginning today, Yehuda has returned and Rick and company will be putting out strips M-F. You can join the Kickstand Club for, get this, ONE DOLLAR A MONTH!

I did, and you should too, if you love the comic and read it often. It's great to get to enjoy fun things for free, but the guys who write and draw the comics have to pay their bills too.

Anyway, this year is looking good so far. Mandy and I went for a walk this morning and we got to talking about potentially joining the local rec center. Before we moved to Arvada we were members of the Golden rec center and we definitely got our money's worth. As we were talking about it I got an idea: we'd ride our bikes over, seeing as how the weather was much improved today, and get some of our questions answered.

So after lunch we rolled the four and a half miles to the Apex Center over on 72nd and after satisfying a couple of concerns (mostly regarding child care) we signed up for three months.

We didn't think about today being the day other people were taking similar steps related to beginning of the year resolutions. Oops!

Our joining wasn't resolution related. We'd just not been members of a rec center for quite some time and we missed it. We went a lot when we were members at Golden. We didn't even live in Golden. I did get a discount because I am a County employee, but we had an eight mile jaunt through the snarl of the western suburbs to get there and we went like clockwork.

Mandy and I loved it, the kids loved it and it was an important part of our lives for a year. And then they cut back on the hours they offered child care during the summer and we just couldn't make it work. So we dropped our membership. Then we moved to Arvada and discussed joining at Apex, but until just recently money had been a little tighter.

It was time though.

This will change my evening commutes. If I meet the family over there after work and then ride home my mileage is going to go up significantly.

This month, at the very least, is going to be full of new routines and new roads pedaled. We had a good ride today over to the rec center with the kids. Total family trip miles so far? 36. We're off to a good start.

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  1. I follow a similar routine. Always have needed tools, etc. on the bike and get the clothes ready about an hour before sleep. It never takes long in the morning to fix the oatmeal, get dressed, kiss the wife, and leave for the day's trip.

    Thanks for the tips, like extra tubes and the like kept at work. My biggest trouble is keeping the batteries charged for the lights.