Thursday, January 5

Peeking at Peak Oil: The Un-Corking of Hormuz


We've been working toward moving troops into Israel over the past few months. I saw a headline on, just after my previous posting, and had to investigate a little further. A quick google search revealed that not a single US mainstream media outlet was carrying the story with enough prominence to pop up in a google search. On page 8 of the results of my search I found a blurb in a Ron Paul-related forum from this morning.

I tracked a little further and found a story from the Jerusalem Post dated 12/20/11.

It is highly disturbing to me that we are moving to bring about "the deployment of several thousand American soldiers in Israel" and "the establishment of US command posts in Israel...with the ultimate goal of establishing joint task forces in the event of a large-scale conflict in the Middle East."

What large-scale conflicts? We've pulled out of Iraq. We're still in Afghanistan. The Arab Spring has spread across the region and we dare not get into the middle of those scuffles. Iran. Simply, Iran.

Of course the Iranians see it as posturing for said large-scale conflict. They thump their chests. We thump ours. We bump our chests together and the fight is a nanosecond away from erupting on the world stage.

And what exactly are we fighting over? The EU wants to impose sanctions because of Iran's nuclear program. Of course, all of those countries already in the Nuclear Club, or tight with those who are, don't want to let anyone else into the club. Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing that ANY country should that currently does not have nuclear weapons should be developing them. And we should be doing everything in our collective power to eliminate ALL existing nuclear weapons on the planet. But how pretentious is it for the nations with the technology to deny those without?

Of course Iran is angry. But they're also dangerous because they're different. Right? They don't pray the same way we do. They don't have a polarized democratic political system like we do. They don't want to buy as many cars, and Coca-Cola and iPads as we do. They won't play by our Corporatist rules. So they're dangerous.

So Iran is sick of the Western influence in their neighborhood. They're done being bullied by the West. Well, they have some leverage. They can put a cork in Hormuz.

Or can they?

The US is still a world military superpower, no matter what else. We have ships, aircraft carriers, submarines, tanks, missiles, bombs, stealth bombers, stealth fighters, F-22s, F-16s, F-15s, F-18s, F-14s, night vision goggles, laser guided bunker busters, chemical weapons...shall I go on?

And we're not afraid to shove all of those hi-tech weapons into the hands of our future and push them off in the general direction of some sand-eating camel jockeys. Are we?

Wait, I thought the EU was imposing sanctions? Not the US...

Oh wait, if Iran corks the genie's bottle we have vowed to uncork it. We need the magic-genie-under-the-sand's special liquid gold. Without it our pumps will run dry and we'll have to ground our F-14-through-22s. Our aircraft carriers will have to drift close to home, not along foreign shores. And how will we get to the mall?

Well, we've got until next Black Friday to figure that one out. Right?

And what about this lack of coverage of troops being moved to Israel as tensions heat up with Iran? How about CNN's censorship of a soldier (who supports Ron Paul) as he begins uttering the words that would reveal all.

Bad things are afoot.

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