Thursday, February 2

Freakin' Groundhog Day

Okay, first month of the new year...379 miles. That's an improvement over January 2011 which clocked in at just over 363 miles. But nothing truly to write home about.

If I can keep up the momentum and try to beat each month's total from the year before then I might pull down a pretty big number come December 31, 2012.

I could care less what some scruffy rodent in New England says about's been mild here and I know our debt is coming due. The good news is that I'm scheduled for four credits of online classes and only two classroom sessions to complete so the chances (after tomorrow) that I'll be facing snowpocalypse on the same day as a 22 mile (one way) commute to Boulder will be diminished.

Of course tomorrow is another story altogether. I'm planning on taking the bus. We're predicted an upslope storm starting in the wee hours and lasting most of the day. Not conducive to cyclo-commuting more than a couple of miles.

Oh, this is my 701st post. I realized only today after my previous post that it had been the magical 7-0-0. Hurray! No prizes for anyone though. This is a free blog.


  1. Congrats on the two milestones! My own January was far and away better than last year's, 54 vs. 279. Your snow turned into our rain, but either are better than ICE!!

    1. Strictly speaking, I don't think that Pennsylvania counts as New England. But I've also been so excited about our New England "winter" weather so far this year - hardly any snow, and not even that cold. I commute on my folding bike a lot in the winter, fully expecting to be taking it home with me on the bus at least once a week due to unrideable weather, but this year has been fantastic