Wednesday, February 1

It's That Season Again...

...yes, winter cold and flu season. I called in "sick" on Monday, which was my birthday, and I truly didn't feel well when I woke up. After going back to bed for an hour or so I woke up feeling better, but Beanie and I just hung around the house, despite 60 degree temps.

I felt "better" yesterday, so I went in to work, got caught up on some stuff and opted to only hang in the pool at the rec center last night because I wasn't feeling 100%.

This morning I feel like I've been run over by a moto-fascist. I should call in. I feel unwell enough to justify it. I got ready, dragging my feet the whole time and five minutes after I should have left I pushed The One out the door. It was at least light out, which should have boosted my spirits somewhat, but as I slowly pedaled up my street I knew there would be no bike commute today.

So I'm writing this as I sit waiting on my carpool ride. Please understand if you don't see a new post for a couple of days. I've got another class in Boulder this coming Friday and I have a bit of reading to do for the class, so if I don't crank something out today or tomorrow it might be the weekend or Monday before I can post something of substance again.

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