Wednesday, February 22

Keep Up the Slack, Jack!

If I only ride my normal commutes for the rest of the month of February I will have ridden less than 250 miles total. Deplorable. But then again, February has never been a historically high mileage month for me.

While the wintriest months seem to be behind us, March has always been good for a few surprises. Lest we forget the Blizzard of 2009: March. The Luge Incident: March 2010. March is typically a windy month too. Windy is my least favorite weather to bike in.

I make no assumptions about the impending March 2012. I'm not even going to talk about Mayans. Or the post-carbon apocalypse. Which my nine year old son assures me is not real.

It's all training though. Right? Adversity fosters resilience. Right? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Right?

So if I don't break 250 miles for the month, this February will still not be my worst (since 2008). All bets are off before 2008. Actually, if I just do my normal commutes the rest of the month I'll pull down my second best February since 2008. Maybe I should look at it that way. And if I can eek out 77 miles above and beyond my commutes between now and Leap Day then I can call March 2012 my best February ever!

Past February mileage:
2011: 313
2010: 46
2009: 201
2008: 209

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