Friday, February 10

Maybe Ramming Speed Friday

I was slow this morning. Oh. So. Slow.

I was this close to calling in sick. Almost...

The trails are wonderfully dry and mostly free of ice. That will change once the daytime temps start climbing. There has only been a little thawing since the 2012 snowpocalypse.

And of course that meant there was potential this afternoon for...

You guessed it!


Did I?

I averaged 17.2 mph. Oh yeah! The long awaited return of Ramming Speed Friday.

It was cold, windy, dark. I cranked on oblivious to the possibility of ice, oblivious to a sickness weakened body, oblivious to the weight of a long week dragging at me.

Mayhap the return of my resolve as well? We'll see...


  1. Being new to your blog, I have not heard of RSF. Is this an all day event, or just on the way home?

  2. My commute is all urban, so for me, 14 mph might constitute an approach to Ramming Speed. I will have to see what I can do! Thanks!