Friday, February 24

Mourning Myopia

I often take my vision for granted. Rare do I bemoan my wretched eyes or fret over my realistic blindness. I've had some problems with my eyes of late, and those problems prompted me to visit the optometrist today.

I've been hoping to get LASIK in the near future, and two other doctors have given me a favorable recommendation to do so. The doctor this morning was not hard pressed to avoid dashing my hopes. At least for now, it seems the stability of my vision isn't what it should be prior to the procedure.

Hopefully the apocalypse will hold off until after my vision has stabilized.

I am what is considered "legally blind." Go ahead, ask it. No, I don't know what would constitute illegal blindness. Haha. Ha. I can't remember what my exact 20/number is. I seem to remember seeing something like 20/400 once. Regardless, without correction I am effectively blind. I can see colors, blurry smudges, and little else.

I tried to use my camera and go as blurry as possible to simulate what I see. I had to play around a bit, but I finally managed a fairly accurate simulation of my vision:

Like I said, I typically don't give my vision much thought. I take it for granted because technology has given me the ability to see when my eyes are not capable of doing so. I'm helpless without lenses.

I can replicate the approximate blurriness of my vision with my camera, but what I can't replicate is the astigmatism effect. My vision also has a doubled quality to it that further exacerbates the blurriness.

And do you know what's really frustrating? When you're sitting behind the big goggle-armed thing in the optometrist's office—y'know: "Which is better? One...or two? One...or two?"—and after a long series of being unable to distinguish between ones and twos, twos and threes, threes and fours, fours and ones and the doctor sits back and says: "I'm not sure why I can't get you to 20/20."

And in your mind you're thinking: "%@#$! I'm not correctable anymore!" No, I'm not crying Doc, you put drops in there, remember?

I rode my bike to and from the vision center. Getting there was obviously no sweat. Literally. It felt like 24ºF. Ironically, it was 24ºF. Getting home was a slow, steady affair, aided by the vision place's complimentary wrap around "sunglasses."

Nothing like a dose of reality on a Friday to spice up your weekend, eh?

Looking across the street from my house

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