Wednesday, February 15

Oh Yeah, I Own an Xtracycle

As we get closer to the year anniversary of my family becoming cargo bike fanatics, I am aware that of late I have taken the wonderful blessing of Long-tail-edness for granted. It's just a bike to me now. And when people gawk, or ask about the bike, I tend to reply as shocked.

A couple of days ago I was deftly swinging the CBX through a doorway at work and one of my co-workers (who had never seen my Xtracycle) stopped dead in the hall and stared. I had to give the short explanation and the co-worker left, craning her neck back to look at the bike. I remembered then: "Oh yeah! I own the coolest bike ever!"

That night on the way home I tried a new variation commuting through Golden and passed the Golden Bike Shop on Washington. They had an Xtracycle sitting out front. I remembered how much I love seeing an X out in public that's not my own. Even in Golden and Arvada I see very few.

Today I'm on The One. Today I should find out if I won the lottery.

In a completely unrelated and random sidebar: I get the distinct impression that the position of Bicycle Coordinator for the Commonwealth of Kentucky is vacant.


As I was posting this very entry I received an email...

I won the lottery...


  1. Congratulations! :O) How very exciting to know and feel like the event is in more of a confirmed state for you.

    I think the Xtracycles always get attention, simply because there just aren't that many of them on the roads. I do see more and more of them though. In fact, here there is a woman I see all the time, and I swear one of these days I'm going to stop her and find out how long she's been using it, take some photos, etc... but, it's fun to see it all loaded up and know that it's one less trip in a car.

  2. Here in Chico California I can get a fair guess at how hot an event is by how many Xtracycles are racked out front. A six Xtracycle event is pretty ripping but a few times a year like the annual Chico Bike Music Festival we get upwards of 15 Xtracycles showing up.

    I look forward to the day when it's just another bicycle. Until then I've got the hottest Xtracycle in town.