Wednesday, February 29

Taken for Granted

I find myself lacking topics to write about. I no longer rant about moto-fascist or the struggle for space on the roadways. I seem to have found a groove wherein I can do my routine commutes back and forth with the least inner turmoil possible. While I could focus on the car versus bike issues and the lack of ideal infrastructure I'm not inclined to perpetually exhaust my life energy in angst-ridden rants.

Since we're firmly intrenched in the winter season, there has been less utilitying or cargoing around town: no Bean hauling, no Boone portaging...nada.

I ride. I ride most days. This is my normal now. And I sometimes take for granted the uniqueness of my own situation. I'm often as surprised as people I run into when I say: "Oh, I don't have a car" as an explanation for my needs and self-accomodations related to my cyclo-centric lifestyle.

I've grown so accustomed to thinking ahead to make the appropriate allowances that I rarely get hung up on motivational factors, weather, darkness and other obstacles.

Dare I say my cycling has become mundane during these winter months? I dare not. Especially since the full force of winter has hardly descended upon us this frigid season. We need the snow, mainly in the mountains, to quench the thirsts of this arid land and her children, but I am okay with dry roads and paths from now to infinity. Since this is my Leadville year I want dryness ASAP so I can start tearing up the mesas again.

Today is Leap Day, so jump around. I headed out to work only to be shut down by the wind less than two miles from home. My riding for the month of February is over.

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