Monday, February 6

That's Just Sick!

The finally tally was about 20 inches of snow. It started Thursday night, and as I previously posted, accumulated to a point that shut down much of the metro area. Friday we skied a little around the neighborhood, then my cold intensified, and by the time I finished my second shoveling session on Saturday morning I was in full-blown head cold mode. I slept some on Saturday in lieu of building a snow fort with my family, and then I lazed about all day on Sunday, feeling the worst I'd felt in almost a year I guess.

The piles of snow still linger, as does the cotton in my head, so I opted to carpool this AM and have sent out email feelers to catch a ride back to Arvada this PM.

While the rest is nice, this funk may knock a dent in my February mileage totals when its all said and done. We're supposed to get more "winter" weather in the short-term as well.

As long as my health improves I will go back to my normal routine, or as my co-worker say: "Being crazy."

An odd thing happened yesterday. Mandy found a Christmas ornament, still packaged, in our mailbox. One of our neighbors must have put it there. The packaging called it "Bicycling in the snow," and it was a newspaper boy standing next to a bike in the snow. Weird; but pretty cool.

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