Saturday, February 25

The Leadville Chronicles: Padding

Part II

I'm sure I'm not the only on-the-cusp-of-middle-age-overweight-dude with big ambitions of riding Leadville in less than 9 hours. Thursday I was telling a cyclist co-worker that I'd gotten my confirmation. He asked if Lance was going to be in this year's race.

"I sure hope so. I need someone to draft."

Haha! I kill me.

It's not padding the monthly mileage if the ride directly contributes to Leadville training, right? Unfortunately I have some padding around the middle that I can't semanticize away. I "outgrew" my mountain bike shorts. Sob. Weep.

My lovely wife sent me out to ride this morning. Due to the recent snows and current melting situation (saw a digi-thermometer advertising 64ºF!!!) I opted to stick to hard surfaces. I rode through Olde Town, picked up the Ralston Creek Trail at Lamar, eased over to the Clear Creek Trail and cruised east out to the Splatte. Turning north I headed for the downstream terminus and right at an hour out and fifteen miles from home I reached...what used to be the end of the South Platte Trail. Looks like it's been extended north/downstream. Wonder how far? The next ride will tell.

It was a lovely morning and a lovely ride out, but when I turned my wheel south I was smacked with a weak but steady headwind. It was a grinding trip back. I fought to keep my speed up. It kept dipping down to 12 mph, and after awhile I was even fighting to stay above 10 mph as I climbed up alongside Clear Creek and into the wind out of the mountains. For the entire 31.25 mile ride I maintained a 12.9 mph average, and that was with a quick stop to refuel and rehydrate and a couple of short detours.

I'm okay with that today. I've been sick for half a month or so. I'm just getting my energy and pep back. Maybe I can convert some of this padding to energy and pep.

Silly Bean and I snuck over to the LBS and discovered that they still have a used Bianchi 10 (or maybe 12) speed road bike and they've gone down a little on the price since the first of the year. Tempting Frodo. Tempting.

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