Monday, February 20

There's an App for That: Bike Repair

I've always wondered if the sitting president, and our former presidents, get cake and presents on Presidents Day? They should.

My whole family is off work/school/babysitter today. So far we've not really gotten free of the house yet today though. The outside temperature is fairly low and there is a high wind warning for the Front Range today.

I've not been feeling good for a few days. It all started last Thursday when I discovered I had an ocular migraine. Mandy offered to come pick me up at work, and I accepted. Then I called in Friday because it had not gone away. I did feel pretty good on Saturday, but as yesterday wore on I started feeling like another migraine was coming on. Today my ears have seemed stuffed up, though no migraine, and I haven't felt like doing much of anything.

Enough of my ailments, I discovered a pretty cool app for my iPhone a week or so ago. It's called Bike Repair.

You can name and enter all of your bikes.

And then you can enter bike specific component data.

Then you can track the maintenance history for each component.

Then there is a troubleshooting feature:

And then general guides for different aspects of the bike and its workings:

It takes a little work up front to populate all the data for each bike (so far I have only completely entered The One) but I think once I get it all set up this may become one of the most useful apps I've found.

There is at least one in-app buy in as well. Overall I love the app so far.

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