Friday, March 2

Almost Ramming Speed Friday: Greenwash Me Clean

Yeah, I don't care what day it is, as long as tomorrow is Saturday; or better yet Apocalypse Eve. I got too much work, not enough commute, not enough life. Work is not life. Life should have work within it, but pointless arrangements for the exchange of imaginary numbers in a computer should not consume your life energy.

The weather is crazy erratic these days and conditions rarely match what they are prophesied to be only hours, or even minutes, before. March is historically windy on the Pavement's Edge, and while wind has been a climatary component, spittings of snow and bluebird sunshines have been frequent as well. We're getting the lion's share of March: winter and spring all smashed together like a bike messenger's leg and the fender of a Mercedes Benzinger.

I'm working on a top secret writing project. I'll share it soon enough. But for now I wanted to share this little excerpt as perhaps a non-sequitur excuse for the seeming lack of pep behind my scribblings here on the Pavement's Edge of late. I feel like I've moved beyond analyzing the act of cycling and the interaction of traffic. I've moved beyond the simple merits and benefits of utility cycling. Those things are still important. I still ride the CBX. But the novelty has drifted away, leaving me with a void to fill.

I'm going back to my roots in sustainability. That may seem odd for some who know me outside of this virtual plane. But I assure you, my roots are in sustainability. I have always instinctively worked toward a sustainable lifestyle. So, enjoy a brief preview of...something:

Once you understand the impacts and implications of our overuse of fossil fuels and the ease with which you can replace the automobile with a bicycle in many instances it becomes hard to continue using a car for frivolous trips. And once you equate transportation energy uses with other energy uses the bike begins to be a tool to help you better see your overall impact on the environment, and more importantly on your fellow man.

When you embrace such a tool it starts to become more important to you than just a toy, a recreational implement or merely an alternate form of personal transportation. It becomes a soapbox, a platform for personal and community change, and it becomes a part of your soul.

So much greenwash, so little time.

Ramming Speed Friday? Nada, but a valiant attempt. I don't know what thwarted me. Maybe the March winds? Perhaps low PSI? It could be that my body is just being dragged down by stress-related weight gain. I struggled, heaving against the pedals, pushing, cranking, chest heaving...and only managed 16.4 mph. Maybe next week.

And...I'm now less than 2 miles of riding from 12,000 since the beginning of 2008.

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