Tuesday, March 6


We're supposed to see 70ºF today. I am cancelling work on account of the weather. I'd be doing everyone a favor. We could put a note on the door that reads: "Go enjoy today."

This morning was my first commute on N – 1. I probably could have nicknamed the bike "White (with dayglo green bar tape) Lightning" as I pulled off the rare 45 minute commute. My normal short commute is 9.3 miles through Applewood, Denver West, past NREL and on through Pleasant View. I crushed it. Considering there's about 800 feet of elevation gain from Clear Creek to the Taj and I managed a 12+ mph average I am okay with saying I crushed it. It normally takes me 50 to 55 minutes on a good day; an hour or more if I'm lagging.

AND it was a no foot down commute as well! I know because Minus has toe clips and straps. I never came out of them.

The new bike is good. Of course I am unused to skinny tires, short wheel-base and such light weight. I'm more used to fat tires on a tank (CBX) or fast and fat (The One). It won't take long...and hopefully I won't crash myself as I re-learn skinny. Oh, I so need to re-learn skinny!

One of my short list bike projects is going to be to put my pannier rack on Minus for commuting in good weather. This will never be a foul weather bike, and not because I don't want to get it wet, but because I have enough trouble staying upright on fat tires.

Minus is going to give me some early distance training opportunities that The One is ill-suited for. I've decided I'm going to try and focus on flat distance early, as opposed to trying to ramp up distance and climbing over the next 157 days. I think you're going to be hearing about my second century within the next two months. Or at least a fair attempt at one. Minus is no climber, so this idea of a spring century would have to be focused on the plains. But if I can knock out long distances early, and then focus on speed and climbing at that fitness/endurance level, I think I will be much more effective in bringing home the Big Buckle.

Now, where and when to ride?

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  1. I can't help you with when to ride, but as far as where to ride, Colorado Bike Maps (http://coloradobikemaps.com/) has some great looking rides.