Thursday, March 15

Chainsong: Chorus of Man and Machine

I won't be commuting by bike to Boulder tomorrow, so this afternoon was my official last-commute-of-the-week. With my strong showing this morning on the ride in I was certain that being melded to The One with my clipless pedals would ensure a solid "Ramming Speed" pace.

I opted to detour over South Table Mountain, and that singular massive speed bump slowed me down. I don't know: mesa, headwind, hard morning ride followed immediately by leg-presses...I think I have a pretty good suite of excuses for not knocking down a Ramming Speed Thursday.

The One's chain is a bit dry. The One's Small Block 8 tires sing like a bluegrass tenor. Music to my ears...

Now that I have one each cargo bike, road bike and mountain bike I have come to the distinct realization that the mountain bike best suits and responds to me. With the change to clipless pedals The One offers the best combination of speed and agility while maximizing my transhuman potential.

Don't get me wrong, I feel uber-fast on Minus, but the road bike still feels squirrelly under me as I zig and zag through pre-dawn suburbia. Being on the more substantial mountain bike gives me the confidence to grind over any obstacle. I'm still waiting for my first crash on Minus. I know it will occur because I slam the pedals down, heedless of the squirrelly feelings, beyond what my proprioceptive sense can handle on such a speedy machine. I've nearly taken myself out by taking curves too fast and clipping obstacles on the outside.

On The One I feel as if I'm ONE with the bike, the earth, and with the Matrix. Er, something like that...

Anyway, have a great weekend!

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