Monday, March 26

Could It Be Any More Monday...

...and not be the apocalypse?

I'm still feeling the effects of Saturday (for sure) and maybe Friday. I was absolutely not going to ride yesterday, but I needed to go to Home Despot and I couldn't justify driving the car a mile and a half. But I only rode a little over three miles and I took it easy.

I woke this morning with about eight hours of sleep under my head, and I still felt wrecked. Stiff, sore, tired...and I thought about calling in.

Some deeply ingrained brainwashing kicked in, and I threw down my better judgement. But I made one concession: I would not push myself to get to work in an expedient manner. I would meander, dilly-dally, amble, meander...wait, did I say "meander" already? Anyway, I would procrastinate, cruise, coast, ramble, chase my own tangents, drift, etc, etc.

Well, I got out the door late, and despite my inner-affirmation that I would not push myself I eventually was kicking at my normal pace, and even gearing down and standing up on the pedals to get into and through the construction on South Golden Road for the NREL Moss Street extension ahead of auto traffic.

When I crash landed outside the building I really started regretting my decision to not follow my initial instinct to call in today.

Of course, if I'd stayed home I don't think I would have rested. I'd have gone down to Home Despot, ordered the lumber for a shed and if they'd been able to deliver it today I would have started on that project. Not pushing pedals, but still wearing down my body and mind all the same.

On the upside of this hot mess I'm already over 400 miles for March and I have four commuting days left. I might crack 500 in the third month of 2012! And...AND the weather is looking fantastic into the dimness of the future.

I need a weekend from my weekend.

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