Friday, March 30

Dramatic Resurrgence of the Moto-Fascists

I didn't want to do this, but the whole thing wrecked my afternoon yesterday.

I picked up Lily-Bean at Lindtopia and headed home. She'd had a sleepover so we had lots of gear lashed to the Cannonball. But it was no problem.

We had a relatively uneventful ride until we were almost home. As I approached the railroad crossing at Tabor and Ridge Road I took the lane. I've been doing that a lot lately because immediately after the tracks there is a hard right turn followed by a three way intersection. For most motorists there is just too much going on to give a cyclist the appropriate amount of attention. I've had too many drivers almost clip me because as soon as they hit the tracks they slow down to my speed and come on back over to the right, assuming they've completely passed me.

Today was no different, except that I had taken the lane. And as I crossed the tracks a lady, who I assume would be as nice as any elderly gramma-type person, passed me in the opposite lane as ANOTHER CAR WAS COMING AROUND THE CURVE.

I was angry at the lady because it was poor judgment on her part for passing in that location. The whole reason I take the lane is to eliminate (as much as I can) the possibility that someone will force me out of the road or clip me there.

The moto-facists were the couple in the oncoming car. Even as gramma was running both them and us out of the road the other couple was screaming at me, cursing and indicating that I was a blankety-blank and that I should get out of the road.

I was really hoping they'd turn around come back to finish the conversation. They didn't.

But their moto-fascist compatriots buzzed Lily and I continuously as we cranked on down Ridge Road. I was in a foul mood by the time I rolled to a halt at the Bikeport.

Of course when I got inside there was a story on the TV news about a man in Boulder who had spit on a cyclist. When the cyclist confronted him at the next intersection he brandished a machete and threatened to kill the cyclist. MFer's in jail now.

The apocalypse can't come soon enough.

The upside of my evening was meeting a fellow bike commuter at Home Despot. He was an employee of the Big Orange. As he helped me get together a list of materials for a shed someone commented on my Salvagetti t-shirt. Turns out the Home Despot employee is a big fan of the shop as well and commutes on a fixie to HD. Then I remembered the flat black fixed gear bike I'd locked Minus up next to out front. So that was cool.

Today was the last day of Jeffco Schools' spring break. Traffic has been light all week (except for last night obviously); expecting that to change dramatically come Monday. Summer vacation can't come soon enough.

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