Sunday, March 4

Minus Shakedown

Went out for a twenty-miler on the Bianchi (Minus) this afternoon. Cranking up the Ralston Creek Trail toward Arvada Reservoir I dodged peds and dogs. I wasn't slow, but I sure wasn't fast either. I ignored "the Wall" as I crossed Ward. I'd been thinking it'd be a good measure of how well the new (used) road bike climbs.

I got a moderate test climbing up above the reservoir and across the flats to the north. Then I was at the midpoint and turning back toward home and with the wind. Instead of hardlining back along the MUP system I jumped over to 66th/Ralston Road and absolutely screamed east for a couple miles then cut north through the neighborhood back over to the MUP near Apex and then turned east again toward home.

As I crossed back over Ward I purposefully ignored "the Wall" again. Soon.

The bike is great. It feels squirrelly at moderately fast speeds and in curvy and congested areas, but I am certain that feeling is more my recent unfamiliarity on a short wheel-based skinny-wheeled bike. At the high end the bike moves. No, MOVES.

It felt good to go fast on skinny tires again. I missed that. I managed a 13.4 mph average which is good considering the headwind I faced as I cranked upstream and around the reservoir. I'm sure I was doing 35-40 (at the very least) across Ralston Road.

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