Thursday, March 1

Monthly Mileage: February Recap

February 2012 goes down as my second best mileage February since 2008. At 260 miles it's still deplorable. The total average for Februarys since '08 is 205. My total monthly average in that timeframe is about 240 miles a month. So I'm above the averages at least. And again, here is the yearly February breakdown:

Past February mileage:
2012: 260
2011: 313
2010: 46
2009: 201
2008: 209

I only commuted 11 days in February and just 13 in January.

My yearly average so far is 319 miles. The January/February average last year was 338 miles. Last year's overall average ended up being 425.

What can I say? This past month has not been too bad in the whole scheme of things. I'm feeling August pressures in February. And of course, I just want to improve over past months/years even though the reality is that mileage will be up and down depending on a wide variety of factors.

Apparently March is really going to come in like a lion. There were bad storms across the Midwest yesterday and into today. We're supposed to get snow today, even though this morning's commute was rather nice.

Feb 23, 2012

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