Saturday, March 3

N - 1

Back around Christmas Arvada Bike had a used road bike, a Bianchi Sport SX (mid or late '80s?), and a few days ago Bean and I did a recon to see if it was still there. It was.

We took the kids to see The Lorax for an early showing in Olde Town this morning. After fighting a mean Front Range wind back home, I dropped off the fam and pedaled the CBX over to Arvada Bike. Oh yeah!

I took the Bianchi for a test ride. I likey. So I came back, debated a bit, discussed with Richard and then took the bike home. I also snagged some new tires for Mandy's Giant (the "N - 2").

I'd have gone for a ride this afternoon but the wind is playing dirty. It's cold. Gonna try for a shakedown cruise tomorrow.

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