Friday, March 9

Ramming Speed Friday: Springing Forward

Sha-ZAAM! Like a thoroughbred out of the gate...19.2 mph!

It's hard not to have a Ramming Speed Friday on skinny tires. I think I am going to have to change the minimum criteria for the Fridays I ride Minus. Instead of 17mph, I think I may say 20. Ooh! Ambitious I know, but Leadville is only 154 days out. I've gotta get faster!

So, henceforth, a Friday (or any day really) will be considered an official "Ramming Speed" day if the average speed for the entire afternoon commute is:

17mph for fat tires

20 mph for skinny tires

I may up these numbers as the next 100 or so days pass. If I reach a level where these speeds begin to seem casual then I'll kick it up a notch.

Spring is sneaking back. I'm really happy to see daylight savings time return, though I wish the whole concept would just go away.

I'll be back in Boulder the next two Fridays, so RSF may be postponed or take on an alternate form. Looking ahead through April it looks like after today there are only a couple of weeks that will be "normal" and otherwise I will be traveling or in some sort of class. You may see a few "Ramming Speed Thursdays" and there is even the possibility of a "Ramming Speed Wednesday." Crazy, right?

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