Thursday, March 22

Relaxed Speed Thursday: No Concept of Time Edition

Some scheduling finagling and I got out of work at 1:00pm this afternoon. Well, Bean was pukey at 5:55am this morning so her mom stayed home with her. Then mom started feeling bad, so I had to go to the rescue.

Unfortunately, as I blazed home in all of my (N - 1) glory, I failed to track my time due to an errand I had to run in Golden. I estimate I did the 11.7 mile ride in about 40 minutes. No Ramming Speed Thursday on Minus...

Since it was a midday ride I headed out of Golden on 32nd which was really nice. Then I jogged over to Ridge Road. It was the most countrified commute I could manage.

Tomorrow I'm back to Boulder; again on The One. I don't expect a Ramming Speed Friday either considering the heinousness I have to traverse to get there and back again. There's a lot of climbing, which will be absorbed deep in the musckles of my legs, and raggedy-rude traffic along Simms and then in Superior on McCaslin.

The upside is that it will be my first commute back from Boulder after class, and it will be in full daylight. Of course, surfing traffic at 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon in the metro area is like oiling yourself up with lemon juice and then wallowing on a pile of razorblades.

Assuming I survive the crossing, my lovely wife and I will be headed to Olde Town to catch a later showing of The Hunger Games.

And just so you know, we both read the series after she got her Kindle for the Christmas of 2010. We're no teenybopper-johhny-come-latelies. No, no way! We're hardcore aficionados of young adult fiction. Even though we're not young adults anymore. Well, I'm not. Forty. Soon.

My mileage is looking better for March. Assuming I'm not ambushed by wet railroad tracks before the end of the month, and I survive commuting back from Boulder, I should crack 400 miles for the first time in 2012.

Have a great weekend!

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