Tuesday, March 27

Roasting Beans

At four o'clock on the dot yesterday I stepped out into the fresh air above Golden. Wait, that smells like...smoke...wildfire. Wildfire!

As I headed over to the babysitter's off South Golden Road to pick up Bean the normal backdrop to my commuting life was haze-obscured. I asked the babysitter if there was a wildfire and she said there were wildfires, plural, and it didn't look good. The wind was kicking in Golden around 4pm as well.

In fact, the wind blew me and Bean home in nearly record time: 35 minutes for a 9.5 mile commute with stopover for the pickup.

I went back out while Mandy was fixing dinner, Bean tagged along, and we got a few photos of the plume of smoke that originated from the Lower North Fork Fire, which is now over 200 acres. There is also the Sawmill Gulch Fire near Genesee and a fire in Larimer County. These aren't the first fires we've had in 2012 either. It's only March.

One thing these fires have done for me is to inspire a different twist to my bicycles-of-the-apocalypse story. More to come on that later.

I carried my camera this morning, hoping for a spectacular sunrise at least, but when I got over to Ridge Road, and had a clear view to the south, I saw that the huge smoke plume was gone. I'm hoping that means the fires are out.

UPDATE: Over 3,000 acres have been affected by the Lower North Fork Fire alone, and at least 25 structures have been destroyed. No word on if that includes outbuildings or if that number only reflects homes.

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