Tuesday, March 13

Spring Cleaning

Okay, I know, I have thrown out some bloggular litter that needs picking up. I did a post on sustainable cycling touted as "Part I."

Where the heck is Part II?! you demand. Or III...or IV for that matter?!

I have no good answer. Part II is intended to be a piece on cyclo-centric companies that are committed to sustainability, beyond the fact that they support cycling which is only surpassed as a sustainable form of transportation by recreational jogging. I've got some preliminary research, but I want to flesh it out a bit more. If you could simply come by my house and encourage my children to clean their rooms without a parent having to dedicate much time suffering on the couch in front of the TV whilst yelling across the house for them to clean, just, for the love of all that's HOLY, CLEAN THEIR ROOMS!!! then perhaps I could crank out a few reams on the subject.

Or—alternately—convince my bosses to let me shirk ALL responsibility and write to my little heart's content. Or perhaps direct me to the job posting that reads:

Hack cyclo-blogger to spend days writing about various subjects. No deadline, no expectations. Will provide per diem, office space in Olde Town Arvada and large antique desk and Macbook.

Qualifications: See above.

Duties and responsibilities: Total freedom of expression. Nights, weekends, the noon hour, random mental-health days, snow days, wind days, rain days and all holidays (bank or not) off. Hours are 9am to whenever you can't stand being inside any longer.

Alternately, you may work from a table in the local coffee shop.

Compensation: Er, just name a figure, we're loaded.

Dream job: sip coffee; tap a few characters; repeat until bored.

The third installment of the Sustainable Cyclist is intended to be a guide for how to use cycling to make your lifestyle more sustainable. I think. At least, that's what my notes seem to indicate. But let's not jump too far ahead of ourselves, okay?

And then there was that survey...yeah...you don't remember it do you? Good!

But in case you do...I put a survey out there and vehemently promoted it for a couple of weeks or so. I was trying to get a handle on the female cyclist's perception of cycling infrastructure and/or the male cyclist's view of the female cyclist's perception of cycling infrastructure.

I know, I know...I didn't forget it, it's just that I have no experience figurin' up the results of a survey, so I've been conveniently avoiding the task, hoping Bjorn would just do it and write the piece. Bjorn? What the he..ck am I paying you for? Bjorn?

I've also been slacking in regards to our bike fleet maintenance, my future goals and ambitions, my online Sustainable Practices classes and the random bit of personal hygiene (you guess which). If I could just take a sabbatical...all would be well. And once I got back from sabbatical in a few years I could attend to all of those things. Maybe my kids would be ready to go to college then, and I wouldn't have to look at their messy dorm-rooms.

I've never heard of a cubicle monkey taking a sabbatical, have you? Didn't think so.

And there is one last bit of spring cleaning that I need to take care of (notice I am only listing the items needing to be cleaned, not ticking anything off, except Bjorn) and that is:


"Just 'cause you're a slack Knight!"
~ a real genius

Nah, I'm actually working on this one. I'm a bit behind schedule, and I blame that entirely on a three week bout of some funk I had, combined with winter, maybe SAD, I don't know, but it's not my fault. This morning was my third session on the leg press with a round of core conditioning afterward. I nailed another 45 minute commute on Minus, and I am hoping really soon to drag that number down into the muck. 40...and 45 on The One? Yeah!

For now that's it. Or at least, that's all I'm willing to share at this juncture. Please don't get the idea that this measly update represents all the cobwebs that need to be cleared from my brain.

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