Saturday, March 31

Tractorball X

The X got some good utility mileage today. I made two trips to Home Despot and the family went to Echter's. Wood for a shed has been ordered, plants were planted, and I made the second trip back to Home Despot to get replacement parts for the grill. So for the first time in a long time we had burgers (GRILLED!) and we were so tired we could hardly chew.

At Echter's we got two blueberry plants and two raspberry plants. Lily and I got them in the ground and then I finished up pruning the apple trees. We now have, in addition to the apple trees, two blueberry bushes, two raspberry plants, two blackberry vines, our garlic patch, some trial potatoes and strawberries that still need to be planted.

We haven't even really started on the vegetable garden yet!

And...I turned over 500 miles. The official tally for March is 502. That gives me a 380 mi/mon average for 2012. Not too bad considering...

I've got to say, the Cannonball makes a pretty good tractor. I hauled the four plants and a bale of peat moss back from Echter's. It then just made sense to haul the peat moss around the yard on the apocalypse buggy.

Tomorrow I need to do some much needed bike maintenance. The Cannonball needs a tuneup and The One has had a rear flat for a few days. I've got to get those sorted out. I also need to put Mandy's new tires on her road bike.

Ah, and how could I forget, I met a local cyclist named Jim at HD this morning and we talked bikes for quite awhile. I got to give him the under-the-hood tour of the Xtracycle. It's always good to meet fellow cyclists who have a similar outlook on life and cycling. Double bonus when they live in the same town as you.

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  1. Congrats on the mileage. That's a great feeling. I never actually track mileage. But I went down a notch on my belt this week. That tells me that summer riding is nearing and my mileage is up!