Tuesday, April 3

Burn All Couches!

I'm really not into organized sports. I was the scrawny, bespeckled kid that always got beat up by the jocks in school. Actually, to say that I'm not into organized sports is a gross understatement, I tend to view sports mania much like cigarette smoking: imposing on my right not to participate.

However, it was difficult not to be interested in the outcome of last night's NCAA championship game. I have no especial hatred for Kansas. And I have no specific attraction to UK's current men's basketball team. Let's face it, very few of those boys are actually from Kentucky. They've been recruited from many other places around the country.

I will have to say that I am impressed with Anthony Davis' massive reach and how he applies it to the game. The kid is good. It was an exciting game.

Now that there is a distinct couch shortage in my home state, I feel as if I should go back and help rebuild and reupholster. Such a tragedy...

After a weekend of summer the Front Range got slapped upside the head with some winter this morning. The weather stooges predicted today's actual weather for yesterday. Yesterday was only cold, no rain, no snow. This morning provided a wet, snowy commute upon the Cannonball X.

The sustainable transportation class I was registered for later in the month through the CU Sustainable Practices Program was cancelled due to low registration. I was bummed, but of all the classes I think the transportation component is one where I am fairly confident in my own self-education. I'll probably take the Permaculture class in early June instead.

The end of this week I will be taking a Bicycle Facility Design Class offered by CDOT. Pretty stoked about that...

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