Tuesday, April 24

Petals and Blooms

If you noticed no new posts in the past week then you are truly a sick individual, subjecting yourself to the indignation of following a hack cycling blog. I took the whole tribe cross country, though no family truckster was involved, for a whirlwind trip so that Bean could be flower girl for our flower girl.

Decades ago I took the ring to Mordor for my uncle Darrell, then his daughter Ashley was flower girl for Mandy and I a dozen years ago, now Lily has been Ashley's flower girl, though on rehearsal night it seemed as if Lily was not going to follow through.

After one run she sat in my lap streaming tears and sobbing "Being a flower girl is scary!" Once she was in her dress and holding the basket full of petals her demeanor changed radically.

She did amazingly well and seemed to have a great time on wedding day. It was worth the road trip hell we went through to get her there.

We didn't take the bikes and there was no time while we were there for riding anyway, so my April mileage has taken a hit, but it was a good trip. Other than my wife's allergy induced misery (Missouri?) it was nice to be back in Kentucky in the spring.

Developments behind the scenes leave me wondering where this blog is going to go down the road. Changes are coming on the horizon. One way or the other the status quo is going to be disrupted. And I'm not referring to the state of the world necessarily.

To tell the truth, I've still not recovered from the drive back. I shouldn't have worked on the shed yesterday, but we're trying to get a chicken coop/rabbit hutch built ASAP and I can't do that until I could move the stuff out of our tiny shed into the new Chateau Storage (pronounced stor-AHge).

Today was my first t-shirt and shorts (morning) commute of 2012. It was nice to ride without the encumbrance of thick clothing. Simplicity is beauty. However...the ride home is going to be a sweat-fest as
the Front Range is pushing 80F today.


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