Friday, April 27

Ramming Speed Friday: Math Hurts My Head Edition

I had to think to hard to figure out if my ride home was a verifiable "Ramming Speed" Friday. Plugging in my raw time the ole computeratin' machine speculated it at 19.7 mph. I was on Minus, and if you'll remember, I had reclassified "Ramming Speed" for the road bike at 20 mph.

I croaked in protest. Then Mandy and I agreed I should round up. Then I remembered I had sat dead still at not one, not two, but THREE traffic lights on my rocket ride home. Benefit of the doubt notwithstanding, I knocked off two minutes from my overall time, from 35 minutes down to 33 minutes: 20.9 mph.

Smug self-satisfaction wafted through the house, choking us all...

Anyway, I'm calling it. It's been awhile since I've had a solid RSF, and I think I deserve all the glory that goes along with it, no matter that I had to bend time and space to make it so. Number One.

Before the sun (also) rises in the morning, tomorrow, the day after today, I will venture forth on the One for a Leadville training mission. The destination? Three Sisters open space, one of my favorite places on earth to ride. It's not the trails so much, but the ambiance.

I'll give a full report upon my return to the land of cubicle dwellers and smog.


  1. Wish I was riding with you today. Three sisters sounds like a good destination to have a great ride.
    Hung at Rock House last night, lots of climbers in town had a great time.

  2. I was thinking next time you're in we should go up there. Nice, well maintained trails in an amazing setting.