Thursday, April 26

Shuffle It All...

...we're back to Bean-less commutes so I'm riding a lot of Minus.

I'm going to sling the rear pannier rack on it. I foresee Minus being my primary commuter in good weather. I'll ride the MTB often, at least til I'm looking at Leadville in the rearviewmirror, but unless I've got time for a mountain bike commute I'll most likely be going on skinny tires.

That's not to say I won't ride the Cannonball from time to time, but I've grown to appreciate the simplicity of just riding a bike. If you don't need the luxury of a cargo bike then you should probably just enjoy the freedom of short wheelbases and light weight.

Pondering an early morning training ride this coming Saturday. I need to crank out some miles. Back to Bismarck? Crawl up Coal Creek Canyon? Shoot for Evans?

We'll see...

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