Friday, April 27

The Leadville Chronicles: Overcoming My Inner Wuss

My wife is truly a closet hard woman. Last night I was moaning about the rain, blubbering that my plans for a 50+ mile training ride into the foothills tomorrow morning were being thwarted.

Blunt as an instrument she said:

"Well, you need to get used to riding in mud."

I think she really wants to ride Leadville with me but is afraid to show me up.

C'mon Babe, I'd draft you any day. That Armstrong guy probably won't even show and I'll have to do all the pulling out front. I'd love to trade turns up front with you!

All seriousness aside, in the spirit of my wife's cold indifference to my suffering, I will not, from this point forward, cancel any training ride for weather.

Stay tuned for another installment of Ramming Speed Friday.

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