Tuesday, April 17

What (N - 1) Means to Me

No Bean pickup this afternoon so I rode Minus. The speed afforded by skinny tires, relative low weight and less backend make for a nice commute. I didn't break any records this morning, but I still managed a respectable 45 minute commute.

The road bike provides a nice, simple and enjoyable ride. I'd prefer to have panniers instead of riding with a backpack, but my laziness has kept me from installing the rear rack. And if I put a rack on it I'd just want to put on fenders. Adding all that weight and accessory would defeat the purpose of the "skinny" bike.

No, Minus is perfect as he is, a nimble, lightweight bike for getting somewhere fast. The Cannonball seems to have gotten slower over the past few weeks. It's been just over a year since the initial build. I think a major overhaul is in order. I dreamt I'd put the slicks back on it last night. I think it's time. The threat of long lasting snow on the ground has passed I think.

It's time to start stepping up efforts toward Leadville. Next week I'm going to start strength training hot and heavy, and I need to start sneaking in some mileage. In May it will be somewhat easier to get in a long morning commute once in awhile.

The one hundred day mark is fast approaching. I think from that point on my anxiety levels are going to intensify.

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