Friday, May 25

Biketopia Choices

I've not been writing as much lately, it's true. My mind has been on non-cycling things, and try as I might I just can't wrap my brain around coherent ideas about cycling. Well, what new there, right?

Conversely, I've been riding a lot. It's mostly all been commuting miles, but May has been a pretty consistent month for me.

I've been sticking to the bike path and avoiding the streets as much as possible. That cuts down on my commuting stress, or just concentrates it to the end of my rides where I must take to the streets.

Pondering that reality this very morning, I realized what the optimal commuting arrangement would be.

At first I thought: home and work along the same greenbelt. But that idea didn't get my heart all aflutter. Then I decided that the optimal arrangement would be work and home along the same rural, or low traffic road or street.

It's a trade off. Greenbelt trails attract all kinds. And so do roads. Only, on roads, a cyclist rarely has to be concerned with slower traffic.

I'm not sure which would be best, but I think personally, I'd be inclined to want to commute on a quiet road versus a greenbelt any day. Or maybe a 100% singletrack commute? That would not be fun on rainy or snowy morning commutes. Or at least, it might get old.



Or maybe this?

What would be your preference?


  1. Wow, tough choice. I think I would opt for a slower-paced road or a less traveled road over a greenway these days. But, it might depend on the day, the situation, and so on as well. I seem to be running into a lot of people with headphones on these days on paths and they seem to want to walk in the middle of the path, so even my ringing of the bell or "passing on your left" goes completely unnoticed. It's a bit frustrating. Most days, I'd rather contend with the cars. They do dumb things as well, but I think I'm more prepared for their erratic behaviors. :O)

    On a side note, I will say that I notice I don't write as much when I'm riding more as well. I don't know what it is, but I don't think you're alone in this at all.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Yeah, the headphones are a pain. Though my closest call with headphones was a teenage girl who was jogging with them down the right side of the street (with traffic) and decided to make a left turn right in front of me (as I was cautiously trying to pass her, because I totally anticipated what was going to happen), only she threw a glance over her shoulder AFTER she had taken two or three strides into the lane of traffic. If I'd been in a car I would have clobbered her. As it was I almost had to slam on the brakes to avoid missing her, and she hardly flinched.

    The green belts are worse. "ON YOUR LEFT!!!" falling on deaf ears...and then (to me) "Watch out!" when they're surprised as I go into the dirt on the side of the trail and make a lot of noise, scaring them.

    I agree, motorists are going to do what motorists are going to do, but at least its mostly predictable, even if its just the sinking feeling I'm getting ready to get buzzed.