Thursday, May 31

May Mileage and Beyond

The quick and dirty

May: 542

2012 so far: 2,062

2012 monthly average: 412

Projected total 2012 miles: 4,948

The ramble

542 is my second highest monthly mileage ever, only after the 601 of September, 2011. The third highest month was April, 2011 at 528.

I think a goal of 5,000 miles for 2012 is still a good goal. That was my goal for last year, and I see no real reason to up the bar considering I'm shooting to increase my endurance and overall speed significantly. I would also like to see a 700 mile month in 2012. I'm shooting for July or August as I plan on riding at least one or two centuries on top of my normal commuting and additional training rides. We'd like to throw in a bike tour or two as well.

542 came from diligent commuting and a couple of 60 milers. I didn't even have long commutes to Boulder in May.

Felt weak on my way home this afternoon and had a roadie in kit pass me in the Wind Tunnel. I never upped my pace, but after five minutes I overtook him as he ran out of steam.

I kept my steady pace and after five more minutes I looked back and my roadie rabbit was nowhere to be seen.

When he first passed me I was cognizant of my recent comment on this very blog that no one had passed me in awhile. And I felt kinda hollow as I pushed down on the pedals. There was the inkling of a feeling deep down that maybe the roadie was sprinting to drop me just because. So I stayed on my pace and stayed on his back wheel. I noticed he frequently stopped pedaling, and he coasted through all the turns on the path. I never stop pedaling, and will only pause in my pedal stroke for a beat or two if there's a danger my pedal will hit the ground when I'm banking hard.

That gave me a little boost of confidence. I wasn't on my A game at all, and I delivered a solid pace. I was consistent even though I didn't feel it.

Oh, and even though I was feeling puny, I pulled off an 18.6 mph average with two dead stops at red lights.

Leadville is only ten weeks away!

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