Monday, May 14

Monday: Anti-personnel Day

On Friday I took a much needed personal day. I didn't take it because I needed the day off however. I took the day because Bean's babysitter, backup babysitter, and backup to the backup babysitter were all out of town.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm burned out after four years in an entry level position that has a high intensity of interaction with the public. As the weather warms and the masses decide they need decks and dream homes the work load reaches ridiculous levels.

If no one quits between now and the end of the summer it will be the first busy season since I've been employed here that my supervisor isn't out of commission "training" a new person.

I'm not holding my breath.

So I fully enjoyed my day free with Bean, despite the fact that it ended up being cold, and then rainy, and I had an appointment with the eye doctor.

First we made a trip to town I the morning for some top secret cycling stuff. Bean rode on the X in the morning, but when we went back in the afternoon she rode her little bike.

Just as we were locking the bikes up in Olde Town it started to drizzle. We rushed into the vision center just in time to avoid getting soaked.

Bean was stoked because she got to see the inside of my eyeball magnified, and her spirits weren't dampened too much when we left and everything else became dampened.

I encouraged her to let me strap her bike on the Cannonball so she could ride on my deck, but she insisted on riding home on her own. We snugged up her raincoat and set off for home.

I rode slowly along the shoulder on 57th as she pedaled the sidewalk. At one point I asked her how she liked commuting in the rain.

"Cool!" was her reply.

Yeah, I rode the rest of the way home with a silly grin.

Over the course of the weekend we did a lot of much needed yard work, and it was very therapeutic, but always in the back of my mind was the dread of Monday looming in the short term.

So here I am, writing this on my lunch break and plotting an early retirement. The unfortunate reality is that I have far too little money stashed away in jars buried in the backyard to sustain me through a long retirement. That amount would be zero dollars.

Anyone have a position open for a hack cyclo-blogger with experience as a land use planner and a strong interest in and knowledge of sustainability management?

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